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I have poems; I can read

Li Bai THOUGHTS OF OLD TIME FROM A NIGHT-MOORING UNDER MOUNT NIU-ZHU This night to the west of the river-brim There is not one cloud in the whole blue sky, As I watch from my deck the autumn moon, Vainly remembering old General Xie…. I have poems; I can read; He heard others, but not […]

Master, I hail you from my heart

Master, I hail you from my heart

Cen Can A MESSAGE TO CENSOR Du Fu AT HIS OFFICE IN THE LEFT COURT Together we officials climbed vermilion steps, To be parted by the purple walls…. Our procession, which entered the palace at dawn, Leaves fragrant now at dusk with imperial incense. …Grey heads may grieve for a fallen flower, Or blue clouds […]

Ever new the shock of beauty

Du Shenyan ON A WALK IN THE EARLY SPRING HARMONIZING A POEM BY MY FRIEND LU STATIONED AT CHANGZHOU Only to wanderers can come Ever new the shock of beauty, Of white cloud and red cloud dawning from the sea, Of spring in the wild-plum and river-willow…. I watch a yellow oriole dart in the […]