He Jingzhuang is as long as Hu Xiaotong’s leg.

He Jingzhuang is as long as Hu Xiaotong’s leg.

On Jan. 12, He Jing took a photo on his personal social platform and added a long sentence: Are you calm and reasonable? Are your legs almost long? And later, he joked

that he loved those children who had too long upper body. He Jing sun out this photo, Xiaobian looked at it, is He Jing, Yu Xiaotong, Hu Daily three people’s photo.

And what’s interesting is that this picture is very interesting. He Jing is standing in the middle. Yu Xiaotong and Hu stood on both sides of him one day. Three people presented a picture

of concave characters, and He Jing used this kind of joking tone to tease Xiaotong and Hu Daily, which is a serious nonsense look really funny.

And when you look at the picture, He Jing is sandwiched between two male stars, which looks very small, and Xiaotong and Hu loo

k like two giants one day. He Jiong’s head is just two people’s shoulders, but as far as the photos are concerned, the legs of the three people do

not seem much different. I wonder if Mr. He Jing saw this picture and felt proud that he was as long as the legs of the two male stars.

After all, Xiaotong is 1.89 meters tall and Hu is 1.88 meters tall in one day. But I have to say that Mr. He Jing is really good at playing, and man

y audiences know that. In fact, Mr. He Jing’s height does not have the height advantage of other male stars. But Mr. Living Bear’s greatest advantage is that his EQ and IQ are very high.

Calm mind and keen reaction ability are his biggest bottom card to survive. Besides, Mr. He is also very interesting, and he always thro

ws them out. However, it is very funny to see the micro-blog published by He Jing, there are enthusia

stic netizens who have kindly drawn a horizontal line. In fact, this is not the first time that Mr. He Jing teased me about his height.

But every time is a trial and error, and netizens are also very cooperative “flattery and flattery”. Of course, the most important thing is that Mr. He is very modest. He always takes good care of the guests and g

ives them opportunities to show themselves. However, the shrewd Mr. He Jing sometimes makes a little confused. Last time, Mr. He Jing did not see clearly. He paid attention to a high copy of Dunlun’s ins.